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standing together against racism

WPC joins with our larger Presbyterian community in condemning the sin of racism and confessing the need for systemic change. We encourage you to prayerfully meditate on these powerful resources and statements from our denomination and presbytery:

We know that statements are not enough. WPC’s leaders are committed to exploring how we can learn in this awakening, and be transformed by the power of Christ.

welcome to westwood presbyterian church!

I am excited to be called to serve at Westwood Presbyterian Church. There are so many wonderful gifts that are evidenced here, including worship that is awe-filled, thoughtful, transformative, and genuine; theology that is Scripturally-based, curious about God’s unfolding work, inclusive of varying perspectives; mission that is compassionate, practical, and prophetic.

The engagement of so many members in the work of the church speaks of the deep investment you have. To use Kierkegaard’s image, you are not the audience watching the paid leaders perform; instead, you are the performers who worship to give God glory. And it is not just phoning it in! Your courageous decision to move forward on the Belmont Village building project is an extraordinary testament to your long-term commitment to mission within and beyond your church walls.


- Rev. Dr. Christine Chakoian