Welcome Back to In-Person Worship at WPC!

We are so thrilled to be making preparations to invite you to once again worship in-person in our beautiful sanctuary. Beginning Sunday, May 16, and going forward, WPC will convert our previously taped service into a Livestream worship service, commencing at our traditional time of 10:00am.  These live services will be simultaneously recorded and made available on our church YouTube channel for later viewing as well.


On June 6, at 10:00am after much planning and care, we will invite the congregation to join us for our first in-person worship experience since over a year ago March 2020! We know that with this announcement comes great joy and excitement, while at the same time triggering questions and perhaps hesitation. Please know that the health and safety of our congregants is our top priority as we gradually move towards a reopening our sacred space for worship. 


Our goal is to provide the safest possible environment for worship, carefully following science and guidance from both the CDC as well as the Los Angeles Department of Public Health. Careful attention and adherence to current COVID-19 protocols are at the heart of our planning efforts. That said, please know that we respect your individual comfort level and your personal decisions regarding your return to in-person worship.


Due to current Department of Health limitations of 50% of capacity, including staff and volunteers, as well as maintenance of 6 feet of social distancing, we will be limiting the number of congregants who may attend in person to 60 people. In order to ensure compliance with these important criteria WPC is making available an online reservation system, similar to that which was used for our recent outdoor in-person Lenten services. 

Click here to reserve your spot in an upcoming service.


Before You Attend


Determine Your Participation

  • Are you or anyone in your immediate household exhibiting COVID-19 like symptoms such as fever, loss of taste or smell, chest tightness, fatigue, cough, nausea, sore throat, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
  • Have you had contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days?
  • Do you have a temperature over 100.4 degrees? (non-touch temperature checks will be conducted at the sanctuary entrance as a part of check-in)

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, we invite you to continue to worship with Livestream or through our posted tapings of the service.


During the Service


  • Wear a Mask. Masks are required for all persons ages 2 and older while on church premises, both indoors and outdoors. Masks should cover both mouth and nose and be worn for the duration of the service. Should your mask not be available or forgotten, church ushers can make one available upon request.
  • Maintain Physical Distancing. Physical distancing continues to be an important aspect of keeping people safe. Church restroom use will be limited to one user or family at a time.
  • Seating. Ushers will maintain a table at the front, red door entrance to the Sanctuary. You will be asked to fill out a health check and COVID acknowledgement, provide email or phone for potential contact tracing and have your temperature checked. Once checked in, ushers will direct you to marked seating properly positioned to provide social distance. Members of the same household may sit together.
  • Offering. Offering will not be collected during the service. Please consider giving online here. Envelopes may be dropped at designated collection plates which may be found in the Narthex of the sanctuary.
  • Congregational Participation. While keeping your mask on, we invite you to quietly recite your response to responsive readings and prayer. At this time, we are unable to permit congregational singing of hymns. On Communion Sundays, communion will be available in the Narthex in sealed, disposable containers which may be picked up upon entering. At the appropriate time in the worship service, congregants will be allowed to briefly lower their masks to partake of the elements. We ask that you replace your mask as soon as practical.
  • The in-person service will be both Livestreamed and recorded. We will not feature any individuals in the congregation, but your image could be partially visible on camera. Please let the church office know if you have any concerns about this matter.
  • Children, young adults and adult education programs. Planning is underway to provide for in-person, Zoom Simulcast versions of various church programs that traditionally take place on Sunday. We will provide more details on the particulars of these programs in the near future.  For the immediate future, please plan to attend in-person worship as a family. Arrangements are being made for a parent’s lounge for those with infants who need to step out of the service for childcare issues. Ushers will be available to help direct.


After the Service


Following the benediction, you may remain for the postlude or exit the side aisle. Ushers will be available to assist and provide direction. As you exit, please observe social distancing to the extent possible and save any conversation or greeting of your fellow congregants for outside. We also ask that Side Porch fellowship be kept brief, with masks on and physical distancing observed. At this time there will be no Side Porch refreshments available.

We Can’t Wait to See You Back at WPC…whenever you are ready!

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welcome to westwood presbyterian church!

I am excited to be called to serve at Westwood Presbyterian Church. There are so many wonderful gifts that are evidenced here, including worship that is awe-filled, thoughtful, transformative, and genuine; theology that is Scripturally-based, curious about God’s unfolding work, inclusive of varying perspectives; mission that is compassionate, practical, and prophetic.

The engagement of so many members in the work of the church speaks of the deep investment you have. To use Kierkegaard’s image, you are not the audience watching the paid leaders perform; instead, you are the performers who worship to give God glory. And it is not just phoning it in! Your courageous decision to move forward on the Belmont Village building project is an extraordinary testament to your long-term commitment to mission within and beyond your church walls.


- Rev. Dr. Christine Chakoian