Adult Education

  • faith conversations

    WPC is pleased to sponsor this ongoing lecture series. Join us as we explore social, scientific, and cultural issues from a faith perspective. Lecturers often include distinguished speakers from Los Angeles and the national scene. Faith Conversations are held on select Sundays after the worship service either on Zoom or in Hoffman Hall.

    Check out videos of our latest Faith Conversations!

  • adult bible forum

    Adult Bible Forum is a weekly study group which meets Sundays at 11:15 am via Zoom Meeting. Elizabeth Evans, M.Div. leads the discussion. Contact the church office at if you would like to join.

    We read aloud sections from a chapter of the Bible and then discuss them. Hearing the Bible is important. That way people discover things they did not know. We guide the discussion and provide historical/theological context where needed. All questions are welcomed. Anyone can drop in at any time. You need not worry about missing too many sessions or missing the start of a particular book. Just bring a Bible and join us. Reading ahead is encouraged, but not required.  

  • faith, search, & support

    This group meets on Sundays at 11:20am in Classroom 3. We are studying The Fifth Dimension: An Exposition of the Spiritual Realm by John Hick. Leadership is shared among the Rev. Dr. John Crossley, Dr. John Quiring, and Dr. Luke Landers.

Spiritual Formation

Christian spiritual formation is, broadly, the development of an inward life of prayer and meditation that imitates, so far as possible, the holiness of Jesus Christ.  Historically, the first Christians to address their spiritual progress were desert monks in the early centuries of Christianity.  Influential senior monks gave advice to their juniors on how to pray, resist temptations, and be helpful to others.

In the Reformed Tradition, spiritual formation became severed from monastic life, and centered much more on the relationship between individual Christians and God.  Common practices that foster spiritual development include prayer of all kinds – from petitions, to praise, worship, thanksgiving, and owning one’s dependence on God.  Also included are meditation, lectio divina, silence, and the use of icons and incense or candles.

Though forming a sound spiritual practice appears to look mainly inward, the outward results can amaze.  Being deeply in touch with God enhances one’s ability to aid others in their sufferings, and rejoice with them in their happiness.



Throughout the year, WPC holds special services for people to prayerfully reflect and worship. These services include services in the style of Taize, and using the labyrinth as prayer.




Jesus often went into the wilderness by himself for a time of silence and prayer.  How much more do we need to stop the distractions in our lives and carve out time to connect with the spiritual side of ourselves!


Creating an intentional time of silence for prayer, meditation, and contemplation in community with others is particularly useful and meaningful, and can often feed our own private practices.

WPC offers two one-day Silent Retreats per year.  Facilitators guide participants into silence, and then participants are gifted with an extended period of time for prayer, reading, journaling, walking meditations, and contemplation.


  • bridge (young adults)

    Bridge meets regularly and is for anyone college age-30s. Join us for service, fellowship and fun as we deepen our relationships with one another and Christ. To get on the email list to find out about our monthly events, or if you have any questions, click here.  And remember that friends are always welcome to our groups. We hope you will join us.

  • men's ministries

    Habitat for Humanity Work Days:  Several times a year, WPC Men's Fellowship invited to participate in a Habitat for Humanity Build is as we do our part to help others achieve their dream of homeownership and live in decent, affordable houses.  

    Men's Pancake Breakfast:  WPC men cook up a yummy pancake breakfast for the entire congregation on the Sunday before Lent begins.

  • monday nighters

    A few evenings each year, 60-90 adults gather for a delightful, old-fashioned church potluck, hosted in homes of various members. All that is needed for joining in on the fun is one potluck item and a bottle of something to drink. Clipboard carrying hosts will sign you up on the side porch on Sundays prior to the gatherings.

  • women's ministries

    Women's Morning Meditation:  A women’s weekly meditation group meeting Thursdays from 8:30-10:00 am in Hoffman Hall. Breakfast is a light potluck buffet. Meditation and prayer begins at 9:00 am. All women are invited. This group is currently meeting via Zoom. Please contact the church office at at if you would like to join.

    Women Reading:  Members and friends of the church meet the third Wednesday of the month on Zoom to discuss the book chosen for the month. The books include a wide spectrum of fiction and non-fiction bestsellers and classics. Books chosen are usually, but not always, written by a woman. We sometimes have outside presenters, including the authors of the books we are reading. The meeting begins at 7:30pm.

    Women's Retreat:  Once a year, WPC holds a Women's RetreatThe weekend includes speaker-led general sessions, small group discussions, and opportunities for quiet meditation, walks, singing, crafts, and relaxation.