Westwood Presbyterian Church Preschool was founded in 1960 as a community outreach mission of the church. We welcome children of all abilities, backgrounds, cultures and faiths. We are open from 7:30am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday and serve children ages 2 ½ through 5 years.  We offer a thoughtful, dynamic curriculum that responds to the children’s interests and needs and draws on best pedagogical practices. Through playful inquiry and investigation, our children explore math, science, literature, language, art, music, movement, technology and the natural world. As you walk through our classrooms, you will see children engaged in a wide range of activities from cooking, gardening and building to drawing, painting, singing, reading and writing. Our goal is to prepare all children not only for kindergarten but for our diverse, complex and wonderful world.

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  • Farewell Sophie!

    For the last seven years, Sophie Robertson has served as our WPC Preschool Director. Friday, July 10 marks the end of her time here, as she leaves to take a new position as head of the Brentwood Sunshine School. We have been deeply blessed by her extraordinary leadership. In her words, “I passionately believe that every child deserves an excellent preschool experience and make including children of all backgrounds, faiths, cultures and abilities a priority for our school.” We have been blessed by her steadiness, kindness, organization, and passion for our children. Our prayers are with her as she embarks on her new work.

  • Stepping in

    Our Preschool Director Search committee, headed by Sheila Lawrence, has been hard at work seeking a new director. We are grateful that two of our Preschool staff are stepping up in the interim: Lynda Park, our Assistant Director, and Zeke Rippy, one of our great teachers in Room 1. Zeke is also serving on our Search Committee to help us find our next director.

  • The WpC Preschool Mission

    For 60 years, our Preschool has been a key part of WPC’s mission. We continue to welcome families of all faiths, and encourage the values we all share – to be kind, grateful, honest, generous of heart, sensitive toward others, and more. Now more than ever, we seek to help children learn early on to embrace and get along with others who think, understand the world, and worship differently. Preschool is the perfect time to get started on those critical life skills that make for richer lives and a more peaceful world.